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Each time we are left we wish the other person the best 

Yet silently we wish them the pain they’ve instilled into our heart

We may have thought they were the world to us, 

But to them we were barely the dirt

Here we are offering them the complete Earth 

We treat them like a God or a Goddess 

& all they can do is claim that they didn’t want to hurt us 

How can they claim they didn’t want us to get hurt

When they just ripped our heart out of our chest  

Giving them two choices: Throw it on the ground or love and caress 

They choose the latter and you are left depressed 

Zeroing in on yourself like you’re the one to blame 

& its a god damn shame 

Pick your heart up and put it back in your chest 

You don’t have to turn cold because they left you distressed 

They love to see you in pain 

Don’t give them the pleasure of taking away your sun 

& leaving you with nothing but rain 

Pick yourself up and start all over again 

Do it for you and no one else but you 

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