Wise Words

Sat, 05/17/2014 - 13:15 -- B.Mitch


One's Wise Words Are Anothers Painful Thoughts.

But I Have No Regrets Againts My Mind,

But  I Do Wish I Could Go Back In Time

And Finish That Last Line That No One Would Ever Know

I'm Writin' In Invisible Ink That Way It'd Never Show

Cause My Thoughts Are My Own, No One Can Ever Tell

Tryin To Get Into My Head Is Like Escapin From Hell

It's Painful I Know, I Just Keep Up With The Flow

Cause I May Be Alive Now But Im Steady Dyin' Slow

So Keep In mind That I'm Not Lockin You Out

But If I Let You In, Then Your Headed For A Drought

Some Say My Thoughts Are Insane But One Day You'll See

That You Can Take The Wise Words Of Mine,

But You Can Never Be Me...

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One of the first poems I ever wrote.

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