The Wisdom of Impermanence

Everyone we've ever known
and all those things we cherish
like summer's rain beneath the sun
in God's good time will perish.
Things material or tangible,
soon slip away or end.
Possession's an illusion
and that's a fact, my friend!
Fame and Fortune are transient,
" success" will come to naught,
God, alone, can stand against
eternal time's onslaught.
Each man's days are fleeting.
Learn to recognize true worth.
Treasures that we can see and touch,
will soon return to earth.
Memories are intangible
and only the soul survives
and all our souls can carry away
are the reflection s of our lives.
If remembrances are full of warmth,
you're enriched forevermore
and with calmness and serenity
you'll come to judgement's door.
Only God goes on forever
only He will ever be
and only in His loving care,
can we survive eternity.
Accept what is and know contentment.
Learn the truth and you'll be wise
Attain serenity of spirit
and true peace you'll realize.


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