Winter Wonderland (Skeltonic Verse)

Winter Wonderland (Skeltonic Verse)

The sky is bright

and the ground beautiful and white,

during snowball fights

in the afternoon light.

The air is shivering cold,

and far too much for the old.

It’s the season in which people say,

“Every time a bell rings,

an angel gets its wings”.

The world is beautiful for a while,

and during that time people smile.

But in a time not too far away,

people will begin to say

that they’re sick of the cold and the snow,

and that the time has come for winter to go.

That they’re ready for warm spring days

for sitting outside to soak up the sun’s rays.

Soon enough that wish will come true,

and they’ll be looking from the beach at an ocean so blue,

its beauty sparkling under the spring and summer sun.


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