Winter Gift


Illuminate the darkness,
Alleviate the chill,
Comfort us each evening,
Rejuvenate good will,

Illustrate the season's depth,
Show your understanding,
Divulge your darkest hours,
Be the last man standing,

Enlighten us with knowledge,
Pursue for us great joys,
Gift us with the spirit,
Indulge us with old toys,

Harken, hear the children sing,
Inhale warm scents of pine,
Gaze upon endearing views,
Relish, feast, drink, and dine,

Let us know you love us all,
We'll show you in return,
We cherish Christmas with love,
But it's for you we yearn,

Come home soldier, niece, nephew,
Brother, mother, father,
Daughter or distant lover,
And stay home forever.


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