Let me say good night to the guests, family, and friends.

Winsome, this is how I truly feel about you.
Your name signifies the kind of person that you are.

The first letter W represents wonderful.
The second letter I is for industrious.
The third letter N symbolizes neighbourly.
The fourth letter S is for spiritual.
The fifth letter O typifies outgoing.
The sixth letter M is for motherly.
And the last letter E stands for encouraging.

Winsome, I am so glad that you are my sister.
Your exemplary qualities appeal to me,
Especially your warm love and your generosity.
I must say that you are a caring person.
You always give good things from the heart.
I truly appreciate your genuine kindness.
And I hope that Jehovah will continue blessing you.

Congratulations on your thirty-fifth wedding anniversary!
I love you and I wish you happiness and prosperity.

Written by Kamela & Marlon


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