Winds of Love


Roses are red, violets are blue

But Morning Glory's are a perfect pair of the two

But this isn't a poem about flowers or plants

It's about me and you


I remember that day as if it were new

Funny how I didn't have a clue

How the winds of love surrounded my heart

And like a cyclone they fiercely blew


Weeked turned into months and closer we grew

Now as I look back I wish I knew

How the problems had increased in size

And I had bitten off more than I could chew


The winds that once used to coo

Softly blowing, doing what winds do

Suddenly became torrential blades

That split my heart in two


But though misery courses me through and through

I'm stuck to you, like gum to a shoe

And though my heart cries each passing day

We are forever friends, bound by glue


And so, you are the rose, kissed by dew

And I am the violet, silent and blue

We will never be a Morning Glory

And that is a fact, forever true


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