Will You Still Treat Me Lovingly?

Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?
At first I showed no interest in you,
But now I desire the touch of your lips on mine.
I embarrassed you in front of my friends.
And I acted as if you weren’t good enough for me.
I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have rejected you.
Can we see each other sometime?

Let’s go back to the beginning and make things right.
Start by pretending you just met me.
Tell me I’m beautiful or something sweeter.
Say I have a great smile and you like my hairstyle.
Just ask me out on a date again,
Forget that I proudly turned down your invitation.
Don’t lose heart so easily because you failed.

You’ve been trying to get into my pants for weeks.
If you still want to make love to me,
I’ll willingly give in to your request.
I’m in love with you and I hope it’s not too late.
Don’t hesitate to woo me again.
You can knock on my gate and wait awhile.
I won’t break your heart this time.

I admit that I ruined my chance to have you.
But please take one more look at me.
Will you still treat me lovingly?
Will you still do good things for me?
Will you give me chocolates and pretty bouquets?
Will you put the past behind you?
You don’t know how much I wish you would.


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