Will Our Dreams Come True?

We always were told when we were little,

That all our dreams would come true.

If we believed in ourselves just enough,

We could become anything we wanted to.

An astronaut, an artist, we could see or paint the stars.

Or maybe a garbage man, a banker, we could follow in the footsteps of our Fathers!

But with the corrupt society we live in now, why should we even bother?

In a society where congress takes food from the hungry,

And complain about losing money.

Stopping bills for Equality.

Hateful with their Misogyny.

Where a student like I can’t even get funding,

For an education she has been told she could get,

If she just believed.

We were always told when we were little,

That all our dreams would come true.

But what about now, what about today?

We’re all trying to get there, somehow, someway.

But isn’t it discouraging, this whole mess?

One foot forward and we’re all deep in debt.

Drowning in the ocean of loans and bills,

With all the interest rates that overkill.

Barely staying alive, barely staying afloat.

With these weights of oppression strapped to our toes.

Pulling us down, deeper and deeper.

Into the currents of: Depression and Despair.

Will we finish college? Will we make it through?


Will our dreams ever come true?




I LOVE THIS POEM! This is deep and really touches on the struggles on attaining the American Dream of success and financial stability.  Many people everyday live this struggle like myself and this is really inspiration that can relate.


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