Will Ever Always Be Amazing

Have you ever felt a knife cut

From your neck down to your ribcage

Almost piercing your heart

And it feels like you're being pulled apart

When in fact

This may very well save your life


I'm not here to cause a strife but my conflicting emotions over this holds me back

Like the straps on an operating table for the insane

I was never one to act out

Pull away

Yell and claim

I'm not crazy


I am

I have been

I always will be




But held back

Not against my will

But by my own understanding


It is not my place to say

I have learned everything

When in fact

I have learned close to nothing compared to the amount there is to know

To hear




Because there is always more to learn and less to hate

We just have to appreciate what we have





You and I

We're birds playing chicken with cars speeding by

Like long rides with your family

By the end you know there's always a chance

Someone's going to get hurt

Someone's going to yell

Shut up and listen


Eventually... we all go under the knife

Get dissected and ressurected as if we're undead frogs in biology class

Being poked and prodded

Taken apart by high school dropouts deciding to give it another chance


When one tip of the scale

One shaky breath

One uneven slice

And we'll flatline


Are you willing to put your life out for them?


For the youth of younger generations?

Are you willing to stick your neck out under an unstable guillotine

Let your blood run like rose petals through the air

Breathed in by a dying race

Not that we're going extinct

But we're losing what we are

What we have

What we may never will again


So I ask you

Would you go under the knife

Take a scalpel and dissect yourself

Your morals

Your values


To help save this dying race

To help teach others and continue thinking

Because there is never a complete learning experience

There's always more

More to life

                    More to love

                                          More to accept


It may not be in my depth

But I try

I do


And that's all I ask of you
To try

To open up the box in your head before we fall apart like soggy cardboard

Because my parents always told me

Keep an open mind and you'll do great things

But I don't want to do great things soon, I want to do them now

Are you willing to cut apart your box

Fill the split and broken shell with hope and compassion

Shed the cardboard edges even if it may hurt


It always does


But are you willing to let your love override

And drive you to keep going

Keep learning

Keep trying


Think outside the box

This poem is about: 
Our world



Dang thats really good. Totally worth the read.

Can you accept me into your group? I sent a request.


Did u rename the group soner poetry?

Snow in Autumn

I did, it's now Sonder Poetry. And thank you very much, you've been accepted already and should be able to submit all your poems to the group by simply editing them so we can all view them and enjoy them as much as I have :)

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