Wild and Tame

I see the eager rain

dancing on my window pane 

your in my cool eyes again 

looking wild and tame 

dropping coins in the wishing well

we met under the roped church bells 

in the ache of years ago 

on the monastery tuck end row 


pottery your hands of life 

working by my old bee hive 

hidden by the spokes of green 

a summer wild machine 

in the crushed drops of vivid light 

the scuba dive at night 

in the torpid waves of spright

incompass the sight 


on the rusty rails the train

rattling by a sewer drain

tip toed down a memorable lane 

by the wheat ,the corn , the grain 

tackling words on a silken tongue 

not defeated and asking questions 

your laugh and quick inventions 


we fell into each other’s arms 

like empty brain box beds 

jumping on legs we danced 

got close made a sweet advance 

logs under buttered toast 

the fire like a diamond roast 

in to steal harboured wine 

laying on the sweating straw of time 


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