Fresh of the yawning morning 
The wickedness overdrive of rays flowing 
Blue skies darken with clouds 
Shearing the long roads with eternity
I sat, I breathed I followed
For long days evermore feeling lost
Where I see a flower with colorless pedals
Children playing with guns in the park
I stowed away far beyond as moist filled after 
The darken clouds shaming the star
If only energy struck me 
Thrills of lies back and forth and so on
Umbrellas covering people 
As I there, sitting for long where faces reaches end point
I don't remember waking up this morning 
Or saying hello for smiles
Ever long what they all said 
It seemed millions
Here where nothing much 
It smells like gas, but burned so cold
Like dawn in the night 
Everywhere though as I lie down 
I can't help to wonder if can get up
They just walk on by
I kill the to seize the day and not so much above me
Where I feel nothing much but darken clouds roaring at me 
Not a bit of touch 
Blood taints of an ugly stain 
It doesn't seem much of a day 
Where night was consuming of my soul.


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