Wife Story


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The heart sits in darkness as it begins to fade, all he feels is anger and pain he says it's the only way.
The young naive girl pieces it together with what she calls a love letter, "I love you and I want to mend you back together." The girl explains, but no love resides in the heart now only pain.
Long ago he gave his heart to any girl he chose, now when he hears those three words his heart grows stone cold.
"If you love me all you'll do is get hurt, I mean nothing to women I'm lower than dirt." The girl sad closes her eyes and kisses his cheek, "When you're ready to love again I'll be here my sweet."
He kneels and cries to god to be loved, the girl returns "You deserve more my love." He turns with tears streaming down his side and sees her crying with him as if until the end of time.
No one loves him like she does, what are her motives or does she love just because?
"I've seen your struggle and I want that to change, I don't care what I have to do just put a smile on for a change."
"What do you mean? I've never met a woman as beautiful as you."
She slips a lost wedding ring on his finger and says "Of course you did I'm your wife boo."


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