The Wicked Queen

Wed, 08/02/2017 - 04:12 -- asemin

Once upon a time there was a story that was left untold

Where the wicked queen was even more wicked and had somewhat happy life,

She let the rain fall, and let the witch come

But she saved the Snow White to make the horrors dump.


She was wicked, okay?

But not for the skin as fair as snow,

Not for the hair as black as they go,

Instead, she was wicked for the power, she was wicked for pain,

Let her be a true villain that doesn’t depend on ridiculing the female.


She was clever, okay?

Not to find a potion to kill her daughter for beauty,

But to make the World suffer while being snooty.

She was as evil as Cronus, as evil as Zeus,

No one will ever forgive her for what she made all endure.


She was made of horror, okay?

She did her wicked smile and her wicked smear,

And took the world with her bare hands to crumple it all up into one sphere,

She made all cry, she made all fear

She Never stopped until all love disappeared.


I hated her, okay?

No, she didn’t care for beauty, she didn’t care for blessings,

She just wanted to see the World burn with no mercy.


The mockery of her wickedness will not stay unjudged,

She will come for revenge once her job of terrorizing is done.


I always wanted a to see a once-upon-a-time

Where the Wicked Queen hates Snow for her wit and more to describe,

Because beauty isn’t all that fairy tale princesses chase and all that lies behind.

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Our world
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