Wicked People

You want to speak freely,

But you do not want me to do the same.

You do evil things to others.

And you attempt to muzzle me.


I came to you with love,

But you displayed hatred towards me.

Though I treated you kindly,

You responded with hostility.


I came to you in peace,

But you waged war against me.

When I delivered the message of hope,

You wanted to assassinate me.


I told you the whole truth,

But you preferred falsehood to facts.

There is no good in you.

Wicked people, your days are numbered!


I predicted your imminent downfall.

And you laughed at me.

Nuclear armoury cannot protect you.

The end of your reign is near.


You devour one another like cannibals.

This is the last warning.

Your actions have consequences.

Death will be your portion!


I tried to save you from destruction,

But you did not take my advice.

Though you think you are powerful,

You are only dust from the ground.


You will see power beyond imagination.

Fear will certainly strike you.

You will weep and tremble on that day.

And you will scatter in confusion.


You will try to escape annihilation,

But you will not find a shelter.

Nobody will be able to help you,

For by then it will be too late.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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