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44° 46' 33.0168" N, 93° 16' 6.3192" W
United States
44° 46' 33.0168" N, 93° 16' 6.3192" W
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United States
44° 46' 33.0168" N, 93° 16' 6.3192" W

Two sad boys none knew were falling
They fell so damn fast.
The world beat them so hard-
They had no chance.

They left without a warning;
They left without a sign.
We thought we were helping them,
But all we saved was time.

I’m sorry that we lost you,
And for all the times you cried.

If only you knew I cry myself to sleep,
The way you must have cried before you found peace.
I pray to be woken from this nightmare
And have my best friends back with me.

People say I’ll be okay,
Eventually the darkness will go away.

What they don’t know is my life feels like a disease;
It’s like a mental insanity that shakes every bit of me.

Sometimes I want to give up, come see you both in peace.
I say to myself just hurry up and do it already,
But I never can- my conscience is like a bulldozer of stone all falling down on me.

Not wanting to make the people I care about sad -
And leave them like you left me.

I ask myself is the medicine helping,
Or is it just numbing me from the hopelessness you left behind?

So I keep living.
I keep fighting.
They way I wish you had.

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My poem is about my battle with depression and my experience of losing two close friends to the very tragedy. It's been a long road but I'm going to keep fighting. Spreading the word. #suicideprevention




Thank you so much, it means a lot to know someone - even if its just one person got something from it and liked it. Your comment is INCREDIBLY appreciated.. Especially the way YOU ended it!


So nice! I teared up. beautiful I love it!


Wow so heartfelt keep people alive :)


I love this piece so much. Thank you for adding this.

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