Why won't you leave my head?

Memories are like a virus
The bad ones stay and plague me
Killing me one day at a time
They take hold of my soul and drain the life from it
I have many bad memories that blind my sight
I stare and my eyes glaze over as the memory takes hold
Why won't you leave my head?
You cause me pain when I was living the event
Now you cause me pain after the event is gone
Because you were trying to teach me something?
Because you could?
Because you didn't want me anymore and so why not?
Memories are the devil in disguise
They seize me
Freeze me in place so I can't move
Kill me
Defeat me
I can't escape
There is no escape
I have no choice but to relive it
And over
And over
It never ends
Sometimes the memory is in the kitchen
Sometimes the hall
Sometimes the front door
Doesn't matter which memory it is
They are all the same
Yelling, screaming and what feels like a high school lecture
It takes over my life even though I have physically escaped the environment
I am mentally plagued by the memory virus
Why won't you leave my head?
Why won't you leave me be??
It makes no sense but yet I must endure the unbearable
All I want is to be left alone
To love
To be happy
But I can't
I am plagued by visions of unpleasantries
Will it end?
Will it stop?
Will I be stuck with a virus that can't go away?
I don't know..
I just don't know..


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