Why We Write (featuring MVP)

Unconsciously, I type consistently, perhaps this gift was given to me because of my inability to remain sane within the boundaries of reality,
there is no boundaries where the blood of my ink is a tool to express my reality so that the paper shivers from words i use as a weapon,
The weapon must carry strength within itself, or it is not deserving of the title "weapon", the strength it must possess is the willingness to do our biding as the laboring drive continues to murder it's opponent: a blank page, 
 the blank page is my biggest adversary because its an empty space with lines across the paper waiting to be filled, scratched, polished with thought provoking words where i cock the button on my pen, squeeze the trigger of its lever, and fire off rounds of ink that sprays knowledge to the paper from my mind that is infusing truth,
What else could I do to stop it? The possessive force of the mind, the will to express how you feel, nobody can limit the ability, the right to write,  
we live to write, we write to live, it becomes more contagious than jealousy that pierce evil intentions to hearts of many,
Finding that balance of living and dying through the words of pronouncement, never to be in a permanent resting place, but an open grave that once in a while you can lay in while you write to escape reality,
words can never be on burial grounds, it's the mouths of people that remain to be silent, it's the ink that dies when never use to empower oneself to express to the world that constantly contradict its own ideas based on the desires of the human flesh,
To dissolve the illusion of time and focus solely on the task at hand, revealing the darkest corners of the mind,
which is why God uses us to be the light that shines on darkness with everlasting life and words that inspires hope,
So let us write with the words that crowd our heads to build up imagination, to please the soul, let us send our vows through our work to bring peace and prosperity with the knowledge it holds,
everything we write is to please The Lord, everything we do is to please Our Heavenly Scholar God and with his grace, we can exercise the power of words by telling the truth, the whole truth, & nothing but the truth so help us God.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

it's an honor to work with you

let's continue to inspire

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