Why School Sucks


I've studied for almost twelve years now,

twisting and turning waiting for school to end

I'm so close to college now I can almost smell it

To bad I Don't know much or how to fend

To not get cheated on my rent

or to Get an apartment but overspend

I've worked to hard to walk down that aisle

Only to spend the next 10 years living in some random junk pile

Honey what's the circumference of this orange?

Or maybe you could tell me the rotation of this door hinge

Will I ever really need this stuff?

Or do our schools just make life rough.

Teach me how to pay my rent

so that three years from now

I'm not stuck in a rut with my money spent

I mean really I quite clueless

no Idea how to buy a house

maybe I'll learn in biology

Nope, we just disected a mouse

I heard my folks talk about home equity

What even is that?

Can somone check me into reality

They teach us so little and expect us to fly

too bad I don't have wings

I suppose this is goodbye

I'm falling now

No expectations

Just hit the ground

Splattered on the concrete

Expecting to be found

But it takes a sec to realize

that life isn't like school


So now I'm stuck no home or friends

drifting through life just waiting for the end

Maybe if they had taught me in school

how to live my life

Instead of being a fool

I wouldn't be here

and instead I'd be freaking cool



With no life skills and no experience

How do they expect me to succeed?

They must be delirious



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