Why Not

Is what he always said
It was the catchphrase they knew to capitalize on
But I never could
So instead I listened to the words
And why not?

He used it to describe making goals
To take the shot
I never could
So instead I described making goals
What I want to do with my life
But goals are pointless
Unless you have a specific point to get to

So I thought
And all I want is to be good
A good person
A good friend
Good sister
Good girlfriend
My goal could be instilled now

So why not?
I'm getting better
And I'm trying harder
And I don't need a physical inspiration
A reason to try
Two words can spur me into more action
Than I could bring myself to accomplish

In 2020
I'll graduate as a valedictorian
Why not?
I'll go on a road trip without my parents
Why not?
I'll go to college
Why not?
I'll be who I want to be because
Why not?

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