"Why Must My Heart Be Stolen And You Be The Thief?!"


My heart has no boundaries but has been in pain for a while

It looks to you to fix it but the scotch tape you used just isn’t working anymore.

It needs your love and care but it gets worry and sadness

It begs for affection and compassion but the strong distrust is all it receives

Why must my heart be stolen and you be the thief?!

We think about the ones closets to our hearts till were in pain and about to fall apart.

I miss you so much and I try to show but the more I do it seems the less you know

I remember the warmth of your touch and the softness in your kisses

It’s you and only you my heart truly misses

I remember how close you held me with care and I would gladly take you over my stuffed teddy bear.

Our love is like a love hate relationship, you messed up then I return the favor

I wish I could change time and take back all the pain from the both of us.

You have hurt me and I have hurt you but in the end hopefully we can truce

L.O.V.E. is a four letter word that reminds me of you, the long conversations and the best of moods.

We stayed up till four on the phone I didn’t get any sleep yet I still glowed.

You asked me out that very night I was so happy I smiled so bright.

We used to care so much about one another and I do believe that those feelings are there we just have to dust off the memories and find them.

The crazy feelings I got thinking about you was the best feeling I’ve had in a while..

Now my life is like the weather outside rainy and sad because the one I love went from have to had

I still listen to our song because it makes me smile sometimes I sit back and cry for a while.

I don’t regret breaking it off because you hurt me so bad and deep

You became a false and a cheat.

If your happy with who you are with then don’t let me bother you and your miss

I kind of wish I never said yes cause if I hadn’t I would have you and not this mess.

Your hugs were so gentle and warm, your arms wrapped tightly around my waist

As we looked each other in the eyes face to face.

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