Why Me (about an Eighth grader who got bullied and turned to poetry,) (My first poem)

They tell me im a liar 
too young to understand 
that life is about choices
and i understand
that sometimes life is horrible
sometimes it is great 
but why me i ask myself
do they have to torture me
out of all the people in the world
why do they choose me

i know i am complaining
perhaps you dont understand
that even through the torture 
i have feelings too 
so why do they pick me
is it because im short
or maybe just too tall?
Because im fat 
or not fat at all?
why do they choose me

i have very little friends at this point
so How can they not believe 
that even through the torture 
i have feelings too
so why do they make my life miserable
Is it because im slow
or possibly too fast
because im ugly
or maybe they are just jealous
why do they choose me?


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