Why I Want To Move To Texas

The guys open doors for you,

The people never seem blue.

No apologizes for loving Christ.

I can get a house for the right price!

Theirs lots of fun to be had,

Camps, college, and handsome lads…

Sweet tea and boots,

Delicious food with country roots.

Reasons to buy cute sweaters and coats.

Texas football sure floats my boat!

A happy spirit takes the nights,

Respect for America and it’s rights.

This is why I want to move to Texas,

Where I might find a husband and not many exes!




Thank you. Thank you for being the first person to not mention cowboy hats. :D
Guys open the door for you, but so do girls. Everyone does. Its polite.
The people never seem blue: we have our good and bad days like everyone else.
Sweet tea is more of a Louisiana or Alabama thing. Texas doesn't drink much sweet tea at all, at least not where I'm from.
You can buy cute sweaters, but for most winters a coat isn't necessary.
Patriotism, yes. We had a gun rally at the Alamo. Now that's a protest that sends a message: second amendment is here to stay.
Texas has its fair share of pigs and not on farms.

I liked your poem, though:)

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