Why I Loathe Graduation


  1. I cannot afford to send graduation announcements/invitations.
  2. I cannot afford a class ring or printed versions of my senior photos.
  3. I have no family that will be willing to see me graduate (other than my 82 year old grandma)
  4. I have no money to have fun in my senior year.
  5. I have no money to go on the debate trip to Asheville
  6. I also have no money to go to the State fair 
  7. I have no money to go on the Hatteras trip for thanksgiving
  8. I have no money to spend on other people
  9. I cannot afford to fix my teeth
  10. I cannot afford memory books or senior photos without taking out of my savings *which is now gone*
  11. I can’t even stop to have fun because i’m always worried about money
  12. I want this year to be done.

I am starting to hate senior year off the basis of everything will cost my grandmother bankruptcy. My school doesn’t seem to get it. I need help setting up my way for college and I have nobody helping me plan it. I can’t even afford to pay application fees much less visit where I am applying. I am fed up and frustrated with being in poverty. On the bright side, I’m prepared for the poor part of college.


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