Why I Chose You? You'll See!


See baby, the reason I chose you was because, 
Our kisses, it’s so memorable just like when the crowd applause. 
Wait! Is it your smile? 
Something that can make any man heart race for a while. 
Sometimes I wonder is it your heart? 
That sends my love for you so far off the charts. 
When I really sit back and think about it I say “Is it them eyes?” 
Yeah! It has to be those eyes, the same eyes that motivated me to change lives. 
Still pondering on why I chose you huh? You’ll see, be patient. 
Just let our love continue to grow, so we can become even more adjacent. 
So let me get back to telling my love story to the world, 
Why me, Breonte’ Hackley, chose you to be my girl. 
You’ll never understand my love for you. 
It’s more frustrating than trying to find out why the sky is blue. 
People tend to hate on love that’s real 
One strong bond that’s indestructible like the man of steel. 
So sit back and keep wondering why I chose you 
You’ll discover the answer why, before this love story is through. 
By: Breonte’ Hackley 

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