Why I Cannot Rhyme


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I could not figure out what to write about
It was quite the mess to figure out
My mother had tons of doubt
In my terrible rhyming skills
She thought I was unable to rhyme
Worth a dime
I was upset by this news
So I had a muse
What if I write about how I cannot rhyme

Once there was an orange
It was always sucking on lozenges
Don't ask me how it did
It makes me wonder what was on the power grid
Mr. Orange had an issue
As all people he wanted to diss you
He went along and met a fairy
It told him he should work in dairy
He however was lactose intolerant
And refused her suggestion
So Mr. Orange went to his side full of aggression
His mother
His mother told him to get out and hang himself
So poor Mr. Orange did just that

Didn't I tell you I could not rhyme
Rhyming is not my niche
I don't care if it will make me rich
I cannot rhyme
It is not a crime
I just don't understand
Why it is made to be so grand
What did rhyming ever do
For you?

By Abdulkareem Harunani


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