Why I Cannot Cry

Sun, 01/19/2014 - 13:28 -- kkelley

It was as unfamiliar to me-

As is the arduous trenches hidden by the sea.

It was as natural to me-

As it the comfort of an over-worn sweater.

It was as easy as taking breath.

It was as thoughtless as allowing my heart to beat.

It was my almost love.


Duration had no say in my heart’s song.

It simply knew-

If only knowing could be counted for such-

Such murky uncertainties.

But alas he was my almost love.

-A love untainted

-A love untested

-Yet still a love


The song that sang harmoniously when our two souls met-

It was a song that soothed the memories of pain.

It fostered hope.

What a horrible and wondrous thing hope is.

But there it was,



Hope for dawn.

Hope for life.

Hope for love.

Love for hope.

Hope for meaning.

Meaning is love is hope is life is dawn.

Purpose began calling.

-Alas it was fleeting.


The cord was not ripped, nor torn.

The cord was simply knotted.

How wonderful.

How horrible.



And so it ended-

My almost love.

Not with a bang,

But with a whisper.

A whisper between lovers,

A whisper between friends,

It called for no more.


Elusively eating away at our resolve,

Time locked away my almost love and cast my soul back into the dark.


There it lay.

There it festers again.

And yet,

The most tragic aspect is yet to be revealed.

And that is hope.

Hope that one day-

The knot might be untied.


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