Why Evil Controls


A whisper in the night,

Unnatural chill, causing a fright,

But my shiver isn’t from fear,

As sharp nails, like claws,

Run down my bare back.


Shining eyes in the dark,

Full to brimming, with desire,

Locked, on the fluid body of the seductress,

As his life flood jumps in his neck,

And a shaft forms in his trousers.


One long tan leg peeking out every other step,

Footsteps falling to the beat of an inner rhythm,

A waterfall of blood hugging my hips,

Liquid-like fire clinging to my breasts,

Garnet lips curving, in delightfully evil cruelty.


There is a rustle of leather wings,

A command softly moaned into my ear,

Even as my breath catches with anticipation,

I thank Heaven that my soul is safe,

From tonight’s Demon-born Master.


I silently apologize for my sin,

To my beautiful eternal lover,

As the Master slips it into my hand,

For me to plunge into the heart,

Of this forever Goody Senator.


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