Why doesn't depression have a face?


Why doesn't depression have a face?

Like the boy sitting alone

Or the girl who cries herself to sleep?

Why doesn't it use words?

Like, Help me

Or I need love!

Why is depression so unidentifiable?

That you look for it, but it can not be found

That you call for it, yet it stays silent?

How mysterious is this depression? 

Why does it live such a hidden life?

If it wants help - Just ask for it

If it needs love - Recieve it

But depression is not that simple!

It's complexities even confusing itself

For depression does not know who she is


She is that soccer mom who takes care of three kids

She is that girl with tons of friends 

She is the opposite side of the mirror...

For you say she has no face - Yet you stare at her everyday

You say she does not use words - But the words she says are not heard

For identity is a label, it does not tell us who we are

It is the injury caused by the world

While depression is just a scar




Mafi Grey

I can see myself doing a piece like this as well, it was really good; something not hinting to far from the main object but yet disguising its self as depression. You should write more, I can see you becoming really good at it, everyone can write; but not everyone can make words have meaning and feeling...

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