Sun, 12/10/2017 - 12:49 -- Lizbein

Why do you want to cause me so much pain?

You say that you love me, you say that you care.

I am worthless, with no value, completely lame.

You whisper in my ear.

They all think,

That I am up in the night,

but they do not hear or see, 

what you do out of sight.

Why do you want to cause me so much pain?

You shred me from the inside, my soul is in tatters,

I beg you to stop, that every tiny bit matters. 

The abuse you've dealt is damaging to say the least,

It takes but one feathers touch to unleash the beast.

I am thrown into rage, disgust, im on a rampage.

You stab me and gouge me,

Slap me and bite,

Punch me and choke,

And you handle my pain like an insider joke.

Why do you want to cause me so much pain?

You are at it again, 

I am screaming for help,

I already know,

that no one will show.

That to anybody else is nothing at all

As my fists slam into my own face in tight painful ball.

That the pain and torture it is just too much,

Is simply,

a chewing, swallow, touch.

-Liz Coots Sound Rage.




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