Why do we sing this song?

Why do we sing this song?

What does it mean?

Were the slaves even free in 1916?

When Woodrow Wilson would sing

“No refuge could save the hireling and slave”

Why did they fight when they were treated this way?

Maybe we just need a new tune

A different song to represent the mood

I cannot just sit in silence

Because silence is violent

How can we ignore the problems?

The lack of equality in Trump’s power

Would the people of color even be allowed in his tower?

Black lives really do matter

In these situations we come upon

Do police just stand and pass it on?

Will white men walk away

As the black man lays to fade?

Where is our trust?

Did it die when the gun went off?

I would like to trust the system

I would like to trust our protector

I would like it even more if that woman was our president

I stand by the gays

I stand by the Hispanics

I stand by the women with sadness on their face

I stand by the black man who is scared to death

I stand by the people who are over looked by the rest

The real question is, does our government feel the same?



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