Why do we have stereotypes?

Just because someone is Black doesn’t mean they are trouble

        Just because someone doesn’t vape doesn’t mean they aren’t cool

        Just because someone is a Muslim doesn’t mean they harmful

        Just because someone is not athletic doesn’t mean they are weird 

      Just because someone is Asian doesn’t  mean they have to be super smart


         I am an athlete but I am not dumb

         I am White but I am not ignorant 

         I am a female but doesn’t make me weak

         I am an Christian but I am not a Republican 


         Oh why, oh why do we have all these stereotypes?

         Do we not know any better?

         Didn’t we learn everyone is different?


        It’s time to end all the stereotypes

        Try and get to know someone’s true character before making any assumptions

        We are all so different 

        There are so many different characteristics that makes everyone unique

        We have to take pride in ourselves and not let stereotypes become us

This poem is about: 
Our world


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