Why do I do Poetry?

Sun, 06/30/2013 - 18:38 -- Rodmon


You might ask why do i write poetry that a good question

Besides wanting to stand out and getting freedom of expression

To me its to pull out my emotion, pull me out of depresion

I wrote  to my female youth, to send a firm message

But then i saw what good it has done for me

making smooth but quick ryhmes, and other intellectuals ask "how do I do it"

I respond saying i have experience and i feel the beat, the unheard music

Roaming in my heart just wanted to show

feeling the potenial like dirt covering a diamond's glow

why do i write poetry? there are so many reasons

But when I fell in love for the first time, gosh pen to paper, it couldn't stop writing

tear drops and smiling was all I could think of

As  look back to thoses writing, i feel a cluster of heavy  motions

poetry was always a strong way to express my soft emotions 



Hey, My name Rodmon Gayle I am a highschool student and in my perspective i began writing poetry because i fell in love with a girl for the first time. As you read it you will understand more of my story of why I write poetry. So read on and give feedback :)

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