Why Cry?

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Troubles are passing, with no one to listen
Look at the stars , see how they glisten.
but will the stars be there to hear your pain, for the stars will fade in the appearance of rain.
Why cry when no one cares to understand how you feel, they leave you there like an unpleasant deal.
Why cry when there is no emotion to be shown , you've been wiped of feelings and now they're all gone.
When you face your fears and swallow the tears, the thought of your weary has been washed away. Why cry, when things are a lot better and its a greater day.

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

emotonally driven piece

felt the words that reflect on one's feelings

great job and keep writing


very good choice of words

keep on writing


But then why cry when emotions are real

Why follow the path and swallow ordeal

If you bottle emotion, you cry but then stop

Then when you need it, you find you cannot

Hold it in won't make it go away

You will find it keeps it longer to stay

You swallow emotion when you do not cry

Then find yourself so empty and dry


Don't cry for others, why let them know

But don't be afraid to let your tears go

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