Why are you a wallflower?

It’s a beautiful day and you have no place to go,

once again you are left alone in the dark corner shivering in cold

hiding your face, eyes in the darkness of your hoody.

shoulder bent face looking down

walking fast afraid to drown in attention.

won’t look at the pretty rose in the eyes.

you dream of the sunshine, yet to afraid to expose yourself to it.

you whisper in the dark.

why not be the cat in the dark lobby instead of the mouse.

why are you afraid of the negativity view of yourself?.

why are you a wallflower?.

why are you building a bridge away from others,

your shyness is making you mute.


are you afraid of the righteous?.

you are a sleep in your own world.

why are you a wallflower?.

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Our world
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Girls Power




The Bitches is  sweet as a peach,

Her smile is contaminating.

Bitches are feminine flowery on the outside and steel on the inside.

Not the bitch who is hated by everyone.

She has a presence of mind.

Bitches won’t pass the level of impressing anyone for the likes of them.

The bitch is not a cat who wait for the food to come to her instead she’s a mouse on the search.

The dog would like to test the water,because its in their nature.

The dog like to be in control,but the bitch is the alpha ready to take her place as her own boss

Bitches don’t let dogs smell their fear.

She is abrasive but clea.r

The bitch never whine or nag.

She’s mysterious.

They are like seals balancing a ball in their nose to get the salmon.

She’s a femininity who thinks like a man.

She’s the bitch with pepper on top, sensitive to the flesh.


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