Why am I a poet?

Fri, 07/15/2016 - 21:52 -- Techna

My first poem,

the highlight of my night ,

I remember it to this day full of delight,

I was  about 10 then my poetry lay dormant again.

Sixth grade,

the middle before the middle,

happy on the outside while dying in the middle.

I wrote a broken poem,

and recieved an award,

I wrote about how I made my mask and how it won't fall to the floor.

I was broken,

yet and still poems of all things kept me still.

I wrote my anger seethed in my rage,

all people heard was the scratch on the page.

This is how my poetry was made.

I broke even further and couldn't resist the pen on paper I came to miss,

I became a poet because I couldn't resist.

The power of my pen could speak more than my mouth ,

Which was forced silent by the promise, no help.

I wrote the truth and the truth wrote me straight into .........me

I write because when I couldn't talk it screamed for me,

I write because when I couldn't fight it killed for me,

I write because when I braced the edge of fear it feared not,

I write because when I couldn't cry it made an ocean for me.

I'm not normal, nor am I average but still poetry made it seem like a novelty

some thing to celebrate you see poetry saved me.

So I am a poet, and I'm not afraid to show it, because the scars gained it gave people a reason to rember MY name.

My name is me and poetry.

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