The homeless are still out freezing, while the rich lay under blankets burning, not pointing fingers help where I can and you don't understand the president has billions that's irrelevant and we still able to see so many peasants. Between the most wealthy they alone can solve inequality but this won't be due to them being greedy, yes you worked for your fortune but the rest of us have not sat in silence, peaceful protests will not do it, I'll just say one word revolution this is the only way to our generations salvation, too long have the bourgeoisie kept the key to the glass seeling, shattering matters of fact so that my people can react to the threat posed by a unemployment due to any aliment. We need spinal alignment to show together we have the strength of a thousand elephants we are the generation in tune with the elements, if you don't see the relevance you're one of them.

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My country
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Mohamed Tahir

The country needed to see it's own reflection.

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