“Because I love you”

You said,

As if it were all that mattered.


Yet still,

I struggled -

Looking for more of a reason.


Your reason for staying

At my side -

No matter how hard I push you away.


Your reason for smiling

Every single time

You catch my eye when I walk in the room.


Your reason for sacrificing

So much time -

For my sake, for my happiness.


Your reason for following me

So I won’t be alone,

So I won’t feel lonely and unwanted.


Your reason for fixing me

When I can’t remember why I still exist -

When I can’t see where the stars are in the sky


You saved me

When I didn’t really need saving.

But who will help you?


I will do my best.


I will stay with you,

At your side.


I will smile at you,

To show you I’m happy to see you.


I will spend time with you,

Make you happy, too.


I will be there when you feel hopeless,

When the world is laughing without you.

I will give you everything you’ve given me,


Because I love you, too.



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