A sweet harmony entraps the globe:
A fragile equilibrium sustained with hope.
This balance disturbed amounts to dust
When even iron becomes rust.
All around us, we destroy;
Until the Earth breaks like a cheap toy
Left all alone in the hot sun to die.
All we have left to do is ask ourselves “Why?”
Why pollute what was presented when it was pure?
Why contaminate it and not find a cure?
Why end beauty that should endure?
Why abstain from nature’s allure?
When given this world, what is it good for
If all we do wrecks it more?
Is there no prospect for global improvement?
If there is, how can we do it?
Is a better world just a fool’s dream,
Or is saving our world easier than it seems?
The answer lies in the depths of our souls;
The fate of Earth is in our control.


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