Why are we ok with the world where 
the minority is looked down upon; 
where the vocals are hushed; 
where those two men aren't allowed to love - 
simply because a book says it's not ok with you?

Why are we ok with a world where 
those who are able to change don't,
those who do are shunned; 
where truth is only allowed in a tiny box, 
instead of allowed to be free-flowing; 
where personal beauty is mentioned - 
but the despicable beauty is in the light.

Why are we ok with a world where 
people who aren't you are being tortured
in the first world countries,
where people like me are afraid to live,
where people like us are always
in wars about something completely trivial?

Why are you ok with a world where
innocent people are killed everyday
due to your thoughts and ideals having to be "right",
to have the last laugh?
Why are is it ok to "cast" people into
a pit and tell them to burn -
all they have been is different?

Why are you worried about something that doesn't affect you?
Why are you ok? 


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