No one knows

No one cares

Falling down

All the stairs.

The ones going up

The ones going down

Going ‘round and ‘round.

When will it stop?

Rushing, panting,

The room starts to slant.

What happened?

I don’t remember

Just what went down

But now I'm lying

On the ground.

No movement

In my limbs.

No sound

From my lips.

The room

It goes and starts to dim.

A ringing sound

In my ears.

Flowing, falling,

Salty tears.

To remember all those years

That went so fast

All those things

Of my past.

Flying, flying

Flying toward the bright blue sky.

Falling, falling

Falling fast

From getting high

In my past.

I once had A’s

But now have Fs

Nice little girl

Falls to the depths.

Goodbye little girl

Hello bad me

I wish I would’ve stopped

And tried to see

All the times

Flying past me.

But who would’ve thought

I actually cared

When falling down

All those stairs.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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