Whose Fault Is IT?

Is it my fault if I got raped at a place I should not have been?  

Is it still rape if it happens on a date with my boyfriend?   

Can you claim rape if you're a prostitute and instead of paying, he pulled a weapon and took the coot? 

Am I asking for it if I dress "provocatively",

and end up getting assaulted and fondled on my body?

It is never a girl's fault if they are raped! 

No matter where you are, how you're dressed , or you're profession.  

People who do that is sick, should be caught and sentenced with plenty of aggression! 

If this happened to you don't be ashamed, I'm going to keep it real,  

It's alright to be angry, believe me I know how you feel,  

but let's ask God to help us forgive them, 

for the pain and hurt goes on still.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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