Who's to Say?

Page 334. Transient.


Look at me.

Do you see me?

Do you see what I’ve been through,

from where I’ve come?

I try so hard to please you all,

But why can’t you see?


Page 108. Efficacious.


Mom, keep pushing me further,

Dad, make sure I stay in line.

Sister, compete with me,

But don’t let jealousy get in the way.

Brother, annoy me to death,

So my patience never ends.

Push me to my limits,

But guide me back when I lose myself.


Page 347. Venturous.


Who am I without them?

I guess I’ll find out,

When fall comes around

And I’m dumped on my ass at a college.


Page 77. Cordial.


My friends are still the same.

Since elementary school,

Since middle school,

Since high school.

I don’t want to be known as “the nice girl”.

But how can I be anything different

If that is who I am?


Page 1. Anderson, Helen.


My name is first on the list

Of the individuals, who aren’t so individual,

Surrounding me on every side.

Each one wants to stand out,

yet tries so hard to blend in.

"Pick one word to describe you," but

Who’s to say I can’t be every word in the dictionary?

This poem is about: 
My family
My community



I am every page. How many are you?

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