A Whole New World

sad times are hard comfort is needed we wish for that soft pillow to cry into for that strong shoulder   paper can be your pillow pen can be your shoulder   we read to understand to hope one feels the way we do opening a book to get assurance that we are not alone  words can be a loving mother sentence can be a concerned father  getting lost in a whole new world can create such a great escape the mind wanders into creation that is beyond what's known  authors can give us hope poets can give us strength   helping people means a lot just with the stroke of a pen or the typing in a keyboard experiences are powerful   connecting can give us insight bonding can show us truth   express emotions on that piece of paper type all your thoughts in that note folder share your innermost feelings let out all that confusion  poetry is an outlet that I chose to take 

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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