Wed, 08/12/2015 - 20:50 -- _ltp13

Who am I? 

I am a person that grits himself to sleep just to have ah bone to lick on tomorrow.
As I grow older, one thing is my goal, "retire yo mom from working" 
Single mom, working 12 hours shifts & still tries to slide something on the table.. 
It's sad to look outside; mice feast on ah meal more than you, but then again when I look through my binoculars down the street, I quickly drop to my knees & thank God.
"Work for what you want son" 
What I want is for you to relax, on vacation everyday, being beautiful, don't have to see you in gear to flip those patties better than spongebob & higher than ah dream...
I've been working to help to pay bills by the age of 16 & I just want my mother free from the stressing & the depression; tear drops bigger than boulders & when the season change the boulders are frozen.. 
She keeps me motivated.. 
I have to make it for her.. 
It's ah must.. 
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