Who is Ivy?

I have spent most of my life determining who I am

Who is Ivy?

Is she me?

Is she trapped behind a mirror?

Is ivy who I am destined to be?

I guess to find out, ivy must be analyzed

Ivy Smith, seventeen years old has lived with a mother and stepfather for most of her life.

The first fact and the first question already arises

When did you parents divorce?

Why thank you for your consideration and assumption, they never married

Ivy Smith, seventeen years old, bisexual

Are you bi now just because your friend is?

I fell in love with my best friend, but that doesn't make me any less valid

Ivy Smith, seventeen years old, self-harms

What is there to cut over? You have a good life

There is a lot more going on beneath the surface, some of it even I can't fathom

Ivy Smith, seventeen years old, wants to be a veterinarian

I don't think you're cut out for that, you don't even like it when you see me bleed

Well..you are an adult... I guess you aren't wrong

Ivy Smith, seventeen years old, is not religious

You have to be, if you aren't saved you will go to hell! You have to let god save your gay soul!

Is this really all that was meant for me? To already have my afterlife chosen for me because of who I love?

Ivy Smith

Seventeen years old

Is tired

Ivy isn't going to get anywhere with all these people around

She isn't going to succeed with society's shackles around her ankles

Ivy doesn't care

Ivy is me, and she's okay with that.

In the end, being ivy is enough for me


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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