Who I Am Really?

Wed, 08/20/2014 - 13:39 -- BUnka


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You see me as an athlete 
I see me as powerful 
You only see me active 
You never see me still 
I'm not who I seem to be 
I hide behind another character, even though I know thats not me 
I hide because Im afraid of who I really am
I do all those things because I can
I laugh, I cry, just like you
Sometimes my heart is filled with gloom
I hide the real me because I feel ugly
Ugly to the world, to people, and to me
Who I am really? 
I'm bright as can be 
I dumb myself down so you want make fun of me
I am full of excitement and intelligence 
But, I hide behind all the stupidity and ignorance 
Who I really am? 
You may never know 
I hide behind the bush that seems to never grow
You see me as an athlete 
I see me as powerful 
You only see me active 
You never see me still 
I hide the real me because of what people might think 
I sit around class laugh and say "you stink"
I make fun of people because they made fun of me 
I call that dumbing myself down because I don't like the real me 
The real me you'll never see
Because I hide behind the curtain that'll never be released 
I let the real me out so you all can see 
I'm not just an athlete 
I'm smart as can be 
Since 1997 I have accomplished many things
And now in the year of 2014 
I finally let the world see 
Who I am inside 
I was told one day that I have nothing to hide 
I hide behind a curtain so you couldn't see
That I was an intelligent young woman waiting to be released
I love the real me but, I'm scared to reveal it
Thats why I hide my true appeal  
I've always been told love yourself or nobody will 
And thats a true statement 
Thats why I finally came out my shell 
I soon then realized I had a story to tell 
My story is to let the world know who I really am. 
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I love your poem and i'm happy that you pulled back your curtain. Hopefully you burned it. Kepp it up sweet<3.


Thanks. :]

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