Who I am


My house
714 west chase street
United States
30° 24' 45.8388" N, 87° 13' 33.0204" W

"It will get better with time"
they say,
As if my brain understands it.
Sadness takes over day after day,
As if my eyes can withstand it.

I have tried so hard to find myself,
But so far I have failed miserably.
I have yet to learn I can only be myself,
And instead I try to become who society wants me to be.

There were nightmares and tears,
Everyday I felt pain, how was I suppose to get by?
I was around all the wrong things, I couldn't run or hide, I found all I could do was to say goodbye.

These masks are who I am,
Not forever but just for today.
They are a part of the process,
They have helped me come a long way.

If I were to take the mask's away,
I would probably hate myself.
I long to stay hidden,
But also to please everyone else.

My mask's don't always cover up the pain I hide,
And they will never substitute how I feel.
If anything they show I have courage,
But I need more time to heal.


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