Who are you?- ode to Cultural Appropriation

Who are you

To criticize her

And wear her clothes

To make fun of her culture


But look in the mirror

And say "it looks good on me"

And wear it the next day, just because you can. 


Because black people aren't pretty

It's just their 

full lips, 

dark eyes, 




hair and hair styles, 

and music that is. 

Because Indians are only 7 eleven cashiers

Definitely not the people who

Do your beautiful henna

Have cultural significance with the bindis 

you love to go to Coachella with

Make beautiful music

And are beautiful people


So maybe before you sport generalized Native American feathers or dress up like Pocahontas next year, think about the parts of your culture you hold most dear. If someone sported it just because it's fun, that would be offensive if you were the one being made fun of. 



This poem is about: 
My community
My country


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