Who Are You


Who Are You

Who are you to tell me,

A person of my own being,

Who I can or cannot be?

I am a living person,

With my own rights,

Thoughts, and feelings.

How dare you, someone

Who doesn’t know a thing about me,

Judge me based on my appearance,

Sexuality, or gender;

By my past, present, or future.

Whether or not I have smoked,

Drank, had sex, or done drugs.

Who are you to tell me

How exactly to live my life.

That is where I am right,

And you are wrong.

I live my life however I wish,

And you have no say in it.



I absolutely love this


Loved it kinda really deep!!

Jasmine Ashmore

dude yes, i loved this


I read this and gave you credit, don't worry, at a poetry open mic night at my local hangout coffee shop!!! loved it!


This is amazing!


I love this!! It's amazing!!


Nice write. No one can tell us who or how to be. Unless we are physically hurting others with our choices, ours is a free life to live.


Perfect summation of my feelings


I'm in love with this poem

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